Red Goddess gets a slick new trailer

Is it magic, mystery or science that drives this game? Red Goddess, a successful Kickstarter project from Yanim Studios continues to make good progress, with this new trailer showing off the vibrant lands and strange creatures that inhabit this platform/puzzle/adventure.

Looking forward to more insights into the game as it nears release, with a PS4 release scheduled for spring, and the Vita after (since Unity 4 won't port the game directly to the Vita), but I'll happily wait as long as it takes for a game this bright to appear on my OLED screen.


  1. Hello,
    Thanks for your article, we'll release for PC and PS4 in April, the scheduled for Wii U and Vita will be later, we're sorry but Unreal Engine 4 doesn't port directly to this consoles. Thanks for your support!


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