Minecraft Vita gets a new patch update

Minecraft keeps getting updates on the Vita in step with the other console versions, to keep it all fresh and bug free. The latest patch is out today, bringing us up to version 1.14, with the following changes and additions:

- More Redstone fixes.
- Increased minecart limit.
- Stopped tamed horses despawning when they are in a fenced-off area.
- Crafting a map now produces an Empty Map.
- Fixed a crash with a Noteblock.
- Fixed an issue with village generation.
- Fixed an issue with Witch Huts allowing other mobs to spawn in them after a reload.
- Fixed an issue where Blaze Spawners and Chests don’t appear in the Nether after a Nether Reset.
- Fixed a crash with Minecarts travelling through Nether Portals.
- Fixed a problem causing clouds to look 2D