Black Butterfly flutters into the Japanese chart as sales drift down

Hot on the heels of Sony's results, the Japanese chart is nearly ready to wake up with the first big games of 2015, but not quite. There's a smattering of new entries in Media Create's chart, but not even new No. 1 Devil Survivor 2 on 3DS can muster much in the way of sales.

The Vita manages another 12,400 sales, losing a 3,000 on last week, but with Persona 4 Golden getting a "Best of" budget release this week and Ukiyo Bruno Warriors and Sengoku Musuo 4 II arriving the week after, things should start stirring.

There's one new game charting this week, squeaking in at No. 18. Kurochou no Psychedelica (Psychedelia of the Black Butterfly) from Idea Factory managed to shift 5,318 copies. Dururara Relay failed to chart in the top 20, which is grim for Kadokawa who seemed to be hyping it a lot. 

To show how many smaller games there are on the Vita, Famitsu's chart which goes down to No. 30 has six Vita titles in it, most of them lower-order new entries.