Aksys promises big things for 2015

Hot on the heels of NIS America's big planned event comes a statement from fellow Vita supporter Aksys, suggesting that some cool stuff will be headed our way this year. No event or planned announcements yet, beyond Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, but Aksys boss Akibo Shieh is bigging things up, as the company celebrates 10 years at the coalface of gaming: 
"We’d also like to thank all of our amazing partners! With such outstanding titles like the BlazBlue series, Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, the Hakuoki series, Mind Zero, Muramasa Rebirth, and the Zero Escape series, along with many others, we’ve been able to grow and expand, publishing even more titles for our fans to enjoy.
We have a lot of exciting plans in the works during our tenth year and into the future, so please look forward to what we have in store! Here’s to another ten years and beyond!"