Vita firmware update 3.36 out in the wild

Woke up to a nice download of a new firmware update for the Vita, taking it to 3.36. No notes, beyond "improving system stability" as to what it does. But, the tweeters and forum posters who've already got it running suggest it may improve the speed of the interface and (possibly) download speed.

You'd have thought that Sony would have mentioned any of these improvements, but hey ho! On with the show. Now wishing I was anal enough to record all my download times so I could run some comparisons and see if this a real or perceived improvement. If anyone has any real world tests, let us know, or if you notice anything else lurking in the Settings or other menus.

UPDATE: A bit unscientific, but a 1.6GB file I downloaded yesterday took around an hour. Today, it is looking like 30 minutes and the download speed is ticking by at 1-1.5MBytes a second, far higher than usual. So, perhaps Sony has managed to optimise its Wi-Fi code or download stack? Or my Wi-Fi and broadband are happier in the morning.

FURTHER UPDATE: Yep, even downloading games during the busy period of a PSN store update seems to go a lot faster. I like this little update a lot!

EVEN FURTHER UPDATE: Others note the same thing, and even weeks later downloads are happening a lot quicker!