Vita 2014 game sales in the UK down 19%

To prove the market for boxed sales is dying new stats appeared over the weekend, based on UK retail (physical only) sales. They show the Vita is down to just 408,000 games sold, down 19% on 2013's number. In value terms that £8.3 million, which is down 20%.

The stats are here, with the Vita at the bottom of the league table. I'm assuming they're from a sensible source, since NeoGAF has a no VGChartz policy.  Sales will be further down this year as there's no Football Manager 2015 on the Vita, which did good numbers in the UK in previous versions.

All of which only increases the need for Sony to start getting its digital sales numbers out there, no matter how modest they may be. Doing so will prove that there's some money to be made from the Vita's captive audience of eager digital buyers.


  1. I'm relatively new to the Vita and Sony. So I understand it that Sony never publish their digital sales? I agree, they'd better get to it, because the Vita deserves more attention then it's getting at the moment,


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