Toukiden Kiwami pre-order bonuses lined up

Tecmo has announced a collection of bonus content available to fans who pony up for a pre-order of the upcoming Toukiden: Kiwami. Releasing in Europe on 27th March, it will hit the PS4 and Vita. Check out the new trailer, and here's the word from Tecmo on the bonuses.

Specifically, pre-orders through Game will receive additional armour for their slayer, fashioned after new-comers’ Soma and Reki’s costumes. For those who prefer the armours of Toukiden’s six original NPC slayers they will be available as a pre-order bonus from Independent retailers through CentreSoft. Lastly, for players who would prefer to put on the fa├žade of a monster, and the PlayStation Network will offer 2 pieces of armour, a set of Tenko gloves and a Chthonian Fiend Mask!
The games aren't even up on Amazon yet, so keep an eye out to see where you can actually pre-order it from.