PlayStation initiative event in Feb, retooling PSN?

In New York, on February 13, Sony has some new initiative to unveil to the press. That doesn't sound like a product launch to me, but PlayStation could sneak something in under the radar, a cheaper Vita, a proper launch for PS TV now that PS Now is live, or a slim PS4 perhaps.

More than likely, it will relaunch PlayStation Network (aka Sony Entertainment Network, but no one ever calls it that) as something more media friendly, based on its recent Spotify tie-in and other changes to its dismal media offering.

Perhaps the Xperia line will also be branded PlayStation (or get some PS hardware models) as sales are down the toilet for those too? Either way, Sony's crapping all over the Vita means there's little reason to get excited, but who knows if that was part of some bigger plan?

That notion is based on Sony not being able to announce Spotify for a product they haven't unveiled yet... just a thought.