No Spotify for Vita owners, Sony officially hates its own portable

In Sony's continued, deliberate, efforts to piss off the entire Vita user base, the company today announced on the PSN blog (and in a press release) that Spotify is coming to PlayStation, as part of PlayStation Music. Expect for..... the PS Vita. The PS3, Xperia smartphones and tablets (which have sold a lot fewer units than the Vita) get a look in, even as Sony focuses on the PS4, but the Vita, a mobile device designed for entertainment apps, umm, no!

Across both the US and EU blogs, there are many commenters asking about the Vita version. However, Sony can't be bothered to reply to those users, helping to alienate even more people and disrespect Sony fans - that's so incredibly shit of them, it makes me feel rather angry. The only glimpse of hope is this February Sony event, where, just perhaps, it has something new to announce (and can't talk about it yet?)

Presumably this service is replacing Sony's Music Unlimited that was always way too limited for anyone to care about. So, having already canned a bunch of apps, the bad news continues for Sony's premier portable gaming device. What a bunch of turds!

Why is this different to the earlier closures? Sony had the opportunity to show some goodwill, and once again has completely failed to deliver. They clearly see the Vita as dead, beyond a low-end games machine (outside Japan). Cheers, Sony - how about opening up app development, so the community can take over?