EU PlayStation Community awards kick off

Sony seems to think 2014 was a good year, so why not linger on those fond (or not so fond) gaming memories and vote in the EU PSN community PlayStation Game awards. Voting runs until the 18th Jan with the winners announced next week over the 21st/22nd/23rd.

 A jury composed by a panel of 15 of the most active Community members from every PlayStation Forum have been appointed to select the nominees of each category. Categories include:

  • The game where you loved the villain
  • The game where you loved the hero
  • The game you were not expecting to blow your mind, but did!
  • The best game offered on PlayStation Plus
  • The game which you found the hardest to finish
  • The game which has spawned the best share moments
  • The best Indie game
  • The best Community event

Shame there's no "piece of hardware that Sony forgot existed" category, although I think that'd be a foregone conclusion.