Escape Hatch still improving Starlight Inception

While our PC cousins might be playing Elite and the other open world space games, we're pretty much stuck with Starlight Inception, the KickStarted space combat title that got off to a bit of a wobbly start. A patch fixed a lot of the issues in summer, but the improvements are still coming with a V2.00 update in the works promising:
Vita Full Game: We continue to work on refining Starlight Inception Vita, and are in preparation to release the new update, which greatly improves the file size, as well as adding greater CP rewards for Fly Patrol missions, and other fixes. Because the file size change (we have cut the game size roughly in half) entails a complete rerelease of the game through Sony, this is taking a little longer than expected, but we are plugging away. Expectation is early 2015 for this release. (And we are definitely looking into what it will take to get it on Playstation TV).
A PS4 version is also in the works. On the less good side, Escape Hatch's next title, Starlight Tactics is coming to PS4 but not the Vita.


  1. If Unity begins supporting Vita, we will make it happe (and same with PS3). Clearly, we love Vita. That is the only thing stopping us right now.

    1. As Patrick says, Unity has been available for Vita - since early 2014, and a few indie devs have been porting their games ( but it didn't exactly start a stampede!

  2. @Garry Unity support the Vita, as far as I know.


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