Duke Nukem and Whoa, Dave hit Vita on PS+ for Jan

Not much more needs saying really, a low-end effort for the start of the year. The Duke Nukem game spent so long in Q&A approval at Sony, that I wonder if it was worth all the effort, or what other buglets still lurk within? Still, with Devolver pulling the dev strings, it should retain all the fun of the original, with trophies and extra content to boot.

I can't find any mention of Whoa, Dave in the blog, so over to the PSN blog for that one. It comes from the folks behind the Bit.Trip titles, Gaijin Games, so should at least be bright and addictive, and there's nothing wrong with the retro-look either. Think we should also get the cool-looking The Swapper which is Cross-Buy across PS3 and PS4.

Let's hope some decent major release games are now old enough to count for PS+ in the near future, otherwise the Vita offering will start to look rather weak.

NOTE that due to the PSN outage, PlayStation Plus subscribers get an extra five days on their membership to cover the loss of action and a 10% discount off their next purchase.