Bigben and Kylotonn bringing WRC 5 to the Vita

This is curious, as Milestone are the rally experts and have released the previous versions of WRC, I'd expect their name to be plastered all over this. However, Milestone has just announced the less formal S├ębastian Loeb Rally Evo while Bigben has this video up for WRC 5. Their game is being developed by Kylotonn, who have a low-key truck racing game and some in-progress projects under their belts.

Milestone dropped the Vita from its list of platforms with the recent Ride announcement, and there's no sign of a Vita on SLRE. BigBen do mention the Vita on its Facebook page for WRC 5, but not in the video, which focuses on PS4 and X1. Still, as long as it plays well, guess we'll find out soon enough. Bigben also published Rugby 15, which needed more work, but hopefully they're ahead of the game on this one.