Save us from Sony's advertising department

I've seen the Vita ads aimed at younger players on Disney XD channel, and I get and understand them. I've seen the recent Sony Japan adverts and see what they're trying to do. So what in the name of all that's Holy is Sony Benelux trying to do with this piece of crap?

EDIT: Since Sony has pulled the video, it was basically a sexy female doctor doing Viz level jokes linking the Vita to playing with yourself, go figure!

Did Sony fail to see the whole sexism and gamer-gate storm recently? Isn't Sony Japan trying to sell a whole load of Vitas to girls, at least recognizing that they play games? Just as I was about to head out for the weekend on a vaguely happy note, Sony manage to drag the tone down!

Don't just ban this sick filth now, but make sure the creators never work in gaming again!

UPDATE: Looks the ad was pulled from Sony's YouTube channel, but really, why was it ever made in the first place?