No Vita on Black Friday means black death for the handheld

Ouch, its been coming, but there's no Vita, Vita games or even a logo on Walmart's big Black Friday brochure or Best Buy's or CostCo, which is pretty much where a quarter of a billion Americans stare, when trying to decide what to buy this Christmas. There's nothing in the kid's section where some recent Vita games have focused, or even in the gun section to try and confuse NRA members.

Of course, there are other stores, but where WalMart leads, the rest generally follow. So, no sales boost for the Vita this Christmas. Even more so, as it looks like there's no Sony price cut to even try and goose sales.

See you in indie heaven, kids!


  1. I asked Walmart's Twitter the other day if there were going to be any Vita sales this year and s/he replied with a peppy, "Check out this great deal here: [link]!" which pointed to the Borderlands 2 bundle at $199.99, the same price it is everybody and has been since release, and the only option for buying one new.

    I guess Sony controls these prices quite strongly, but I think they should cheapen it up a bit and offer deals (or permanent price reductions) on the memory cards, at least, if they want this thing to sell. I don't think think do. I think they think of it as an otaku device with limited interest outside of Japan (where it also has somewhat limited interest), and hope that the PS TV has more mainstream appeal.


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