Firefly Diary (htol#NiQ) gets a premium western edition

Arriving in February, NIS America brings up the Japanese take on all these ethereal indie wandering games that seem to do rather well. Despite the gibberish title, Firely Diary, as I'm sticking to from now on, looks like a pretty decent effort and package (for the US).

The puzzle action game will be available February 24 in North America as a PlayStation Vita exclusive! Digital copies of the game will be available on PSN and physical copies will be available exclusively for the US through the NIS Online Store. This title will also be available in Europe on February 25 as a digital-only release.

In this atmospheric game, you use the Vita’s touchscreen and rear touch pad to navigate a young girl through dangerous ruins. Two fairies—one operating in light, and the other in shadow—must work in tandem to uncover this girl’s memories and save her from the darkest of fates.