Don't mention Share Play to your German friends!

I mentioned Share Play once, but I think I got away with it! If that reference passes you by, never mind! The basics are that Sony's Share Play service for PS4 in Germany is limited to those within the country, so no trans-European or global gaming for those with a Bavarian postcode etc. The details are buried in the very fine print in Sony's T&Cs.

Why mention this on a Vita blog? Because the technology is basically the same as Remote Play, and its not too hard to imagine Sony trying to get PS4 users to herd their Vita friends into upgrading by letting them have a shot at some PS4 titles, particularly ones that aren't too heavy on the buttons.

This is down to crazy German restrictions to keep out violent games, and is nothing to do with Sony, who are only following orders.

Would you be happy to Share Play on your Vita, or does that just seem like another feature the handheld doesn't need tying it to the PS4 when we'd rather have some actual games of our own?