All quiet in the Japanese charts

A couple of new entries on the Media Create chart this week, but nothing rampaging up near the top of the chart. Note the campaign to get Labyrinth of Grisaia to the west, starting soon hopefully.

06./05. [PSV] Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2014 (Konami) - 12.576 / 63.412 (-75%)
13./00. [PSV] Grisaia no Meikyuu: Le Labyrinthe de la Grisaia (Prototype) - 4.652 / NEW
14./09. [PSV] Super Hero Generation (Bandai Namco) - 4.026 / 20.828 (-76%)
18./00. [PSV] Dramatical Murder Re:code (Nitro+) - 3.133 / NEW
20./11. [PSV] Chaos Ring III: Prequel Trilogy (Square Enix) - 2.790 / 22.193 (-60%)

On the hardware side, Vita sales are back on the slide, and now looking pretty dismal compared to last year with just over 11,000 Vita TV and Vita handhelds sold. If things don't pick up in the last 8 weeks, the Vita could crawl over a million sales, after a stronger, more promising, year so far. 

We do have Sony's girl gamer effort starting soon with the pink model, new Value Bundles and Sega's Phantasy Star Nova bundles to give things a kick, but I can't see last year's highs being matched.