Wild Season could spring on the Vita

There's some farming games on the Vita, but nothing like a proper Harvest Moon, unless you get into the PSP adventures. Perhaps Wild Season from Quickfire Games might help those in need of a spot of digital agriculture? The game had a successful Kickstarter campaign last year (see other Kickstarter projects for Vita) with Vita mentioned as a stretch goal.

The team have previously made a ninja game, but this seems to be their first big effort. Mixing farming simulator, dating game and an RPG mystery, Wild Season is still in alpha, with a demo promised soon for PC, so keep an eye out!

UPDATE: New trailer...

What we know is that the main character inherits a farm under unconventional circumstances, while in a tough spot. Players must farm, charm the locals and explore their new surroundings to achieve their goals. Could be fun, more details in the wiki!