Minecraft for Vita bricking it on PSN soon

After weeks, if not months, of testing delays, Minecraft for the Vita has finally been cleared for release by Sony's Q&A department. The port of the Mojang game by 4J Studios follows hot on the heels of the PS4 and Xbox One versions, with just the Sega Megadrive version to come.

The game should hit the PSN next week, confirmed for Europe on the 15th, UPDATE: US is now confirmed as Tuesday 14th. The retail boxed version will be out for Europe on November 19/(21st for the UK) which pretty much screws up its chances of ranking in the all-formats chart and there's no sign of a Vita-saving bundle.

Given the volume of tweets asking about it every hour clogging up my Vita timeline, it will easily be the biggest selling Vita game of all time, not much of a challenge, I know. That just leaves Duke Nukem stuck in Q&A hell, from which it might never emerge!

If you own the PS3 version, it will be available for free, everyone else will have to cough up for the game that's sold hundreds of millions of copies, and is now owned by Microsoft! Enjoy it while you can. Just think, if you picked up an Xperia Play phone three years ago, you could have recreated the entire cosmos on it while waiting for the Vita version!