Jet Car Stunts crash-landing this month

Grip Games dropped a few fun indies on the PSP, and now aims a little higher with Jet Car Stunts, which was first teased back in March. Six months on and things don't look massively different (because this trailer is same one from May, come on guys, at least put some effort in!).

We have a game that looks like a tarted up Sega 32X Megadrive title with shaded boxes building up an obstacle course at altitude. Anyway, once your car is airborne, you can thrust and glide it to the next platform or try and fly it through rings.

Some more outdated news on the game's page - if no one can be bothered to tell me what's new why should I care or buy? One snippet on the PSN blog post, the game is Vita native res, and the graphics have been improved from the iOS originals - as it should be with such a retro design.

On an unrelated note, different developer, publisher etc, still can't believe GripShift never got a Vita port.