Japan dev chasing PSM with big dragons

Mukagosoft won't be a name that anyone will be familiar with, but check out a couple of videos off their YouTube page. We have a pair of PlayStation Mobile titles, Bloodred Wyvern, which is out now for just 79p/99c is a rather Space Harrier/Panzer Dragoon style shooter. And a very-early WIP clip of a dungeon-themed style third-person shooter, exploring game.

There's some more titles on their homepage, which went to Xbox Live Arcade, but they seem to be focused on the Vita right now. They could easily be a one or two person effort, but with the Vita struggling for any games, anything like this has to be welcome.

Check out PSM, there are loads of games arriving in spurts, most of which look pretty tame, but there seems to be the odd gem out there. A shame Sony does so little to highlight them!