Top 10 dream announcements from Sony at Tokyo Games Show

Ooh the tension... since us western Vita gamers are now so dependent on Japan for decent games, TGS takes on a whole new dimension. Not only do we need some big new game announcements, but we also need them to head west. So, I've thought happy thoughts, sweated optimism and hoped the good hope that Sony can deliver one or two of the following!

1. A cheaper Vita with microSD card support

Sony's memory is over-priced and slower than a dead badger at any task. Throw in a price cut, add in an SD-card slot next to Sony's own and bingo, lots of gamers getting keen thanks to the double saving.

2. A new, more powerful Vita

Discussed previously here, Sony needs to get developers back on-side, and one way to do that is with a new Vita that allows for better looking games, easier ports of PS2/PS3/PS4 titles and keeping up with the improvements in the 3DS and mobile cousins.

3. Gravity Rush 2

The Vita lacks hero games, even Tearaway has moved on to the PS4. For Pete's sake Sony, give Vita owners something to cling onto as their own heroine! Kat would look better than ever through a refined engine (or on a more powerful Vita), and be a beacon to gamers. Also, she'd be a shoe-in for a western conversion.

4. Persona 5 Portable

Already delayed into 2015 for the PS3 and PS4, the series has such a following around the world that a rapid transition to Vita is a necessity - for Sony, not so much for Atlus. In this new era of gaming, it seems odd to ask for a downgrade so soon after launch, but the Vita edition could add features or characters not in the main editions to differentiate.

5. Monster Hunter/Final Fantasy/ Dissidia

These games sold millions on the PSP. Now that the Vita is selling in decent numbers in Japan, Capcom or Square must be lining up their 2015 titles with that in mind. Be it a Dissidia remix, a Crisis Core upgrade or the is-it-isn't-it Type 0, one of them should be coming, and announcing any one of them can only help boost sales and interest.

6. Loco Roco/Patapon Revisited

Cunning, fiendish hits around the world, these well-rated Sony Japan games (Patapon was developed by Pyramid) vanished as the PSP left the scene. With the interest in indie-like titles, there's no reason not to resurrect them on Vita in full touch form, and perhaps even ship them off to iOS and Android as adverts for what the Vita can do.

7. Give us a racing game, any racing game

The PSP had Gran Turismo, Midnight Club, Ridge Racer, Burnout and many more. The Vita has one Need for Speed game and a hollowed-out Ridge title. If someone at Sony Japan has been keeping count, they should have seen this short fall and found at least one game to fill the hole. Don't count on Digital Polyphony, but someone surely has one on the go.

8. Japanese indies

Japan seems a bit behind the curve on this, with only Airship Q and Mighty No. 9 (kinda) leading the way. Here's hoping Sony has a truckload of new Japanese games that aren't just run of the mill RPG clones.

9. Not quite the Last Guardian

If Sony's and Team Ico have been putting all this into The Last Guardian, presumably throwing away so much content and ideas over the years. Why not rope what's left into a prologue episode and tweak it for the Vita. It doesn't have to be a massive game, just a teaser would do but that would definitely be kinda cool!

10. A brave new world

Dunno what its called, or how it works, but somewhere at Sony among the crazed imaginations of the Studio Japan developers and designers is an idea. Its a bit non-traditional for the market - no girl-tickling, no-grinding and not much monster-hunting, but it would be a great action/adventure game... whatever that game is I hope someone is making it.

What are your own best and shiniest hopes?