Sony dropping PSP access to PSN

Sony continues to kick the old guy now he's down. There's an email going out from Sony that it will cut direct access to the PSN servers from the venerable PSP on the 15th September. That's due likely to help Sony close some old, leaky access routes that might imperil or slow down PSN's performance, get rid of some old servers, and clean things up for future Vita or PS4 updates.

I guess owners of the various PSP models, including those of the WiFi-less E1000 and UMD-less PSP Go, can still download and copy games over via their PC or perhaps PS3, while UMD owners will be clinging onto their discs into the dim future. If you need a backup machine for your archive, they're pretty cheap these days. 

When I updated the blog design, I removed the PSP logo from the top corner, wonder if I should put it back to honour the little machine, as Sony hurriedly tries to move on having stopped sales back in July. There are still a plenty of PSP releases over in Japan, including Toukiden Kiwami, Banuatso Rock and others, so I guess this is just a western thing.