Minecraft for Vita "in a few weeks"

Minecraft has sat atop Amazon's pre-orders for months now, with no firm release date. Possibly the biggest seller on the Vita ever, it is basically the big white hope in Sony's marketing and

In a new blog post, celebrating the launch of the PS4 version, Mojang reckons:

What about Vita Edition? I want to play on my Vita.
Minecraft: Playstation Vita Edition should be with us in a few weeks. As soon as we have a more accurate date we’ll let you know. Sorry for the delay. If you already own Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition you get it for free.
Which suggests that if it passes testing then we should have it before October. Assuming all those Vita pre-orders hold it could even make a dent in the all-formats chart, which would be quite a sight.