Dengeki Fighting Climax title pulls some punches

With all the great fighting games on the Vita, is there room for something as dull looking as Dengeki Fighting Climax from Sega? The backgrounds look bland, the special moves look so old, and the motley collection of characters from various Dengeki products, mean it'll just be a bunch of girls and guys scrapping, with the barest minimum of a plot of story.

Heading to PS3 and Vita, I think we can pretty much live without this, even the Vita's very first fighting games - SFvT and BlazBlue do the job way better. And later efforts like InJustice and the still-in-development Tekken X Street Fighter make this redundant. Any objections?


  1. Objections? For sure.
    It's done by French Bread & Ecole, meaning the gameplay should, in fact, be pretty good. Plus it features lots of Dengeki Bunko franchises, a perfect fit for anime fans who are quite numerous in the Vita fanbase due to its quantity of "typically" japanese games. Which also means even if it's low on story contents, it shouldn't matter: it's a smash bros for moe fans (shonen enthusiasts can go toward J-Stars).

    I sincerely think it's not to be labeled as a cheap fighter, and I'm pretty sure it'll be technical enough to be entertaining in the long-run. Of course it'll be a niche game, but probably not a bad one.


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