Danganronpa Another Episode, gets another trailer

The bear facts of the matter are that the Danganronpa games represent most whacked-out courtroom games ever seen. But, not resting its laurels, Spike is pushing the boundaries with an even whackier 'shooter' action adventure, with the maddest characters from the first game lined up in a freakish nightmare.

Set between the first two games, expect loads more to it than making the Monokuna army dance with your mega phone. Just hope we get the plushie or reversible bears that the Japanese are getting. The game is out in a couple of weeks and a western release has to be on the cards. To highlight how big this game could be in Japan, the average Vita story gets 30 to 50 tweets from Famitsu readers. This one has 1,650 and growing. Seems like a very big deal over there.