Ars Tactica brings the battle to the Vita

With all those Tactics games on the PSP; Final Fantasy Lion Wars, Ragnarok Tactics, Tactics Ogre, I wonder why the trend didn't continue to Vita? One company having a go is Ars Tactica who have turned up on Square Enix's crowd-funding page today to get interest in Dragon Tournament, a PC and Vita title, with the possibility of Indiegogo funding if they get enough interest.

Why not Kickstarter? Perhaps Square's interest might see something bigger come of this project? You need to login to register your interest, but you can use Facebook, Steam or Square access. There's a month to go, but please give them your support now.

I mentioned the Unity-powered briefly back in the spring, but things seem to be kicking into gear now with it taking shape well. Dragon Tournament offers a deep and interesting battle system. There's bags of quests, character development and crafting to enjoy - hope it all fits on the Vita!

I enjoyed the FF Tactics game, but can't say I got massively deep into it, any aficionados want to weigh in on how kosher this looks?