Aqua Kitty and Rock Boshers upgrades incoming

Both rather perky original little PlayStation Mobile titles, Tikipod is bringing both in fully updated form to the Vita. Aqua Kitty is a tight, suq-aquatic, Defender game with a feline fetish while Rock Boshers did the Rockman genre proud.

Throw in director's cuts, new levels, better visuals, trophies and whatever else the developers can craft and they should join the growing roster of games getting a second chance at Vita life. Tikipod helped out on the recent Gravity Crash Ultra and have a fair history of ports and upgrades. Hopefully the prices won't shoot up as these are fun, but not exactly essential titles.

I also hope this means that every coder and his or her dog is planning an update to their PSM game, I'd consider Aqua Kitty worthy of one, Rock Boshers as borderline, but would rather these guys were working on new games. TikiPod does have something called Iron Fisticle in the works, more of that please!