Vita in July, America can't find them

As far as these numbers are to be believed, you can't buy a Vita for love or money in the States. While the PS4 managed to sell 42,798, Americans could only find 2,066 Vita units on the shelves in July. Sure its only VGChartz figures and need to be taken with a mountain of salt, but it looks like the Vita remains as rare as new AAA Vita games.

Now, Sony was promising to restock U.S. shelves as fast as it could, as the Vita went from 28K sales in May to 15K in June, according to the more reliable NPD. That's yet another promise it has failed to live up to, in the wake of the Borderlands 2 sellout. Sony has had two months to find some Vita units to ship or get a factory sped up, and has clearly and spectacularly failed in that mission.

If the biggest Vita story of the month is that an online retailer has some in stock, you know Sony isn't doing its job properly. So, next time Sony promises anything about the Vita, add this to the list of blown items on its to-do-list.

Naturally, I'll apologise if the NPDs show Sony get a truck load of Vitas in at the end of the month, but do you really think so? And since there are no reliable figures ever for Europe who knows just how poorly the handheld is selling here. Having seen how supply chains work on the mobile side, I really can't believe Sony is this strapped for stock, unless it has all but given up on the hardware.

UPDATE: NPD figures now show 16,000 Vita sales in July, proving that VGChartz really should just give up! And Sorry to Sony for casting false aspersions, but your marketing is still crap!