Velocity 2X, Joe Danger and TxK hit PS+ in September

If you were wondering about why FuturLab was being coy about the price of Velocity 2X, now we know why. The game will be free on PS+ in September allowing us to enjoy the finest refinements in shooting for many years for nowt.

The game's first review score is out with a 8 from Edge, which is none too shabby. Also along for the ride next month are the sublime TxK, the new-to-Vita Joe Danger and PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale (is the MP still live for that?). Note both the US and EU have the exact same line-up!

Funnily enough, all the PS4 users seem really cross at this deal, since V2X is Cross Buy, but most Vita owners should pretty happy with that lot, two brand new games to Vita isn't bad at all. The games arrive on September the 3rd, so clear some space from your memory card! More on the PS blog.

This week's PSN update

For those who want to pay cold hard cash, this week's PSN update adds Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth1 to the store for a hefty £32.99. RPGers might fancy a go at the PSP title End of Serenity which is just £11.99. Disgaea 4 is available on retail from Friday, which should be the best of the bunch.