Sony sponsoring indie corner at Tokyo Games Show

Some 68 developers from 17 countries have been invited to this year's Indie Corner at Tokyo Games Show, highlighting the inevitable rise of the smaller game, even in a country where the 3DS and Vita continue to dominate console sales. The area will be sponsored by Sony and is the second time TGS has hosted a major indie presence.

Eastasiasoft and Witch Beam are among the list of attendees, and expect plenty of new indies from Japan's nascent scene. One new name to me is French developer Swing Swing Submarine whose latest project, Seasons After Fall is a graceful platform adventure, they say Vita is a possible platform target for the Unity-developed game, so keep an eye out!

I'll have a more thorough dig later and see if there's anything else that could be headed our way. Elsewhere, we expect some serious Vita good news now the console if a firm second favourite with Japanese gamers. You can find the English Guide here (PDF).