Idea Factory's I Doll U packs in the pun

I was wondering where our monthly does of Idea Factory otomate fun was. Here they come, cranking out another visual novel, but I do like the titular pun, I didn't know the Japanese went in for that level of humour. I Doll U is probably your very typical otome fare, boy meets girl, boy is called Kevin, who runs and hides in the bushes (or something). Hard to tell since this is just the obligatory character introduction video.

Is there any humour beyond the title? Guess we'll never know unless the company spots a growing western trend for these games. I mean, one guy is already called Kevin, that's half the translation work done for them right there.

You want more? Sure why not? Here's another video for RooT <> Rexx, a more polished looking affair and also brand new from Idea Factory. It has an official site if you give a monkeys about what the heck this story will be all about.