What's in your pants? A PlayStation Vita, naturally!

Ah, the Japanese subtlety when it comes to advertising. See what we could have won, if only another couple of million westerners had picked up a Vita! The latest rush of games get a nod too, with Oreshika 2, Freedom Wars, Monster Hunter Frontier, Toukiden and God Eater 2, and of course, he's playing on one of the nice-coloured models!

If anyone ever sees a Vita ad on western TV, let me know because I need some unicorn poop to feed my griffin with. However in the west if some lad whipped out a Vita in the changing room, I'm sure the local jocks would pummel him into oblivion pretty quickly.

The ad marks the start of Sony's Japanese summer campaign, highlighting the 29 games they get to play over the holidays. So, expect lots more clips in a similar vein. In the west, Sony's Vita marketing team (some sad sap called Gerald) will probably hide the last few remaining Vita units in shops' stock rooms and claim it is part of a guerrilla campaign.