Whatever happened to the Vita's apps?

The Vita doesn't really need apps, but it was a minor delight that the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others came out around the launch period to show the media and social capabilities of the handheld. How much do you use them now? I use Twitter, Skype and YouTube from time to time, but that's about it.

I'd love to use Netflix, Crunchyroll and some other media apps, but they don't even exist in Europe. I was kind of hoping Sony was holding onto them for PlayStation TV, but that makes no sense in the gloom of the Vita's line-up. Sony and partners should be throwing them out like confetti to keep users engaged with the Vita, and therefore a little more likely to buy games.

Following that, you have to wonder what happened to other common media apps like iPlayer or Sky TV. These apps are relatively small, easy to code (or port Android editions) and with flexible codecs on the server side, sending Vita formatted video should be a trivial exercise.

So, what's stopping them? Twitch mentioned the possibility of an app, but don't appear to  have gone further. Being able to stream Vita sessions would be awesome, although there might not be enough power to do so. What else do we gamers need but there isn't an app for yet?


  1. IP Well, Facebook needs a huge update.


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