Tecmo Koei merging with Gust

Both brands have provided a lot of decent Vita games, so this could be good news. Tecmo has helped publish Gust's games over here, so the two have a firm relationship. Gust has given us the Atelier and Surge series, while Tecmo produces pretty much any game with a pummeling stick or sword as part of the line up including Toukiden, Dynasty Warriors and others.

The merger will be effective from the 1st October and will see Gust become a brand and studio within Tecmo. The release promises that Gust will be able to expand its existing series, create new IP and bring them to a broader audience. Hopefully we'll get boxed copies of Gust games, rather than Europe's diet of PSN only releases.

You can currently pick up Atelier Meruru Plus and Atelier Totori Plus on the UK PSN, both at over £30, hopefully those prices will come down in the near future.