Rogue Legacy hits the Vita this week on PSN

There seem to be a large number of Rogue Legacy addicts on Twitter right now, a number which will only grow as the game hits PSN today for the US and tomorrow in Europe. The PC hit from Cellar Door Games sees your offspring continue the battle, even if you die, with a certain amount of genetics to spice things up, plus endless realms to explore and loot to collect.

The PlayStation version comes with some extras including a Platinum trophy, touch screen support plus Cross Buy and Cross Save for always-on rogueing. Rogue Legacy is picking up plenty of 9/10 reviews, so seems to deliver in every area, another great addition to the Vita's roster. Look forward to checking it out tomorrow.

Review scores:

PSU - 9.5/10
PushSquare 8/10
Pulp365 9/10
IGN 9/10