Judas Code gets an official site

Tri-Ace has definitely been hard at work on this free-to-play game, making monkeys of some of the cheap efforts we've seen on the Vita. Check out the new site for Judas Code, currently it has some coming soon slots for the main content and some teeny-tiny pics (better versions here) scrolling in the background.

Noticeable among the credits is Soundelux who provide the audio for many top games, someone you wouldn't ask for audio on a low-budget effort. There's a Twitter account you can follow to keep up with the news (all in Japanese of course), but I'd imagine this has western possibilities.

Here's a translation of the cast and crew list... Player (male / female): Hiroki Maeda / Higashi-nai Mariko Hanazawa Kana: Mystery Girl Mae Yasoshima: Horie Yui -Mueruta-Megalith: Zo-moto Takuya -Kashitto-Pabusuku: Yoshimitsu Shimoyama others: Nao Fujita / Meg Nosaka, Naoya / Takeshi Kurosawa / Acheng

Staff NagiRyo: Main character design Akabane: written by Yoho, composer: Kensuke Inage (Tempest Studio) and composer: Jamie Christopherson (for Sounddelux Design Music Group) Chorus: Yoshida (Tempest studio).

The site will be updated next week.