Fans of Demon Gaze will love Operation Abyss

Upcoming dungeon smasher, Operation Abyss (Tokyo New World Record) from Experience looks like a game right up the dungeon of Demon Gaze fans. Offering a more modern look to it and slightly more configurable characters, its still the same basic classic RPG, down to the same map design and slightly sexy overtones, but with different heroes, including the Chaos Head crew.

There's plenty more pics and art over on Dengeki, but really, you should know exactly what to expect and with Demon Gaze doing pretty well over here, expect this one pop out of a secret door near you thanks to Kadokawa and NIS America.


  1. I LOVE this new game - hopefully that NIS will bring that to us.

    1. This looks good too... Dungeon Travelers 2... if more primative in combat


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