Dungeon Travelers 2 gets a neat limited edition, many bottoms on show

On the hellish heels of Demon Gaze and the new Operation Abyss, Dungeon Travelers 2 is AquaPlus's effort to out-sex and out-dungeon Experience's classic JRPG games. The PSP remaster will come out in Japan with a neat limited edition with a stylish case, cleaning cloth and a stand for the Vita (or any mobile device).

Out on 25 September, its all-girl adventurers don't mind showing their knickers off at any opportunity. If you can put up with the horribly static combat sequences (seriously, the shot below is about as animated as it gets) then if it gets a western release it should offer lots of girl-on-girl dungeon crawling action. There's a video of it in action over on Amazon Japan.

Dengeki has a piece showing the, um, intricate art on some of the cloths that Japanese gamers will no doubt be wiping the sweat off their foreheads with.