Citizens of Earth's trailer of hope

Your new Vice President of Earth will now deign to speak to us mortals... in the new trailer from Atlus about the unfortunate real politik this newly elected berk finds himself in. There be monsters, angry wildlife, protests and many other threats to his hairline. How will he solve these troubles? Through delegation, which I guess means finding the right person for the right job.

But looking at the people following him, good choices seem a bit thin on the ground. Developer Eden Industries (whose previous PC game Waveform was a lot simpler, but very stylish and well-rated) looks to be packing in the humour, but will it translate to a worldwide indie hit for Atlus, or will the brash style see it categorised as a mobile game thrown onto console?

With politics such a joke anyway, I wonder if it'll play a little close to the edge, or just stick to the well-trodden plastic parliamentarian approach? Either way, always good to see something new heading to the Vita (and other formats).