Bioshock is a bust on the Vita then

Looks like any lingering hope of seeing a Bioshock game on the Vita is pretty much toast now. Ken Levine refers to legal hell and other issues in some recent tweets. This one has dragged out so long that I can't many being surprised at the result.

However, Mr. Levine, an industry icon to many, did stand up on a public stage and say words to the effect of "Bioshock coming to Vita" and I didn't say any small print or "*legal/publisher issues pending" notices when he said it.

So, Mr. Levine is the public face of yet another Sony cock-up. Sony didn't have to invite him on their stage to announce a game that they hadn't legally got the rights to announce. While Sad Ken must be fed up with the whole affair, he can still make things right - in the eyes of Vita owners.

Come on Mr. Levine, just one stylish, compact, yet quick and cheap Vita exclusive from the Irrational team and we'll all forgive you. In the meantime, I'll just go and cross Bioshock off the release list.