PlayStation (Vita) TV launching in the west, Grim Fandango and Entwined only Vita games on show

The few "highlights" for Vita owners at Sony's keynote E3 event were few and far between as expected. Likely a cheap way to get new gamers into PlayStation Now and acting as a gateway "drug" to PlayStation 4, Sony will launch PlayStation TV (known as Vita TV in Japan) in the west later this year for $/€99 without a controller.

You can watch it on loop here,

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
That was one of the few Vita related mentions at Sony's E3 event yesterday, this morning, whenever. PlayStation Now is coming to the US in a public beta for PS4 in July, with the Vita version listed only as later, although it makes sense to coincide the launch with PlayStation TV as an attractive bundle.

Otherwise the only gaming news of note is Grim Fandango coming to the Vita, the classic LucasArts point-and-click adventure is getting a Double Fine makeover to bring the adventures of Manny through the Mexican-inspired undead to a new audience, which is cool and if it does well could signal the arrival of Full Throttle, The Dig and other 16-bit era classics.

Another game shown off, Entwined from Pixelopus, somewhere between Rez and Flower, a dual romancing dragon arcade twinstick, is coming to the Vita, but only "later." Put up some screens and art for it.

Sony did say 100 games (with 80-90% likely indies or Japanese titles) are in development for the Vita, it just couldn't be bothered to show any off during the keynote, although I'm sure loads are on-show at the Sony booth.

Will update with any other news I missed later or Sony releases:

New Freedom Wars screens are out. More Velocity 2X pics are here and also take a peek at Super Exploding Zoo.

The reaction in comments on the PS Blog is particularly interesting, with rows of Vita owners lining up to complain about the poor showing. We all know Sony has to focus on the success of the PS4, but not at the near total expense of the Vita.

More importantly, RIP Rik Mayall