Japan gets ready for Monster Hunter Frontier G on Vita

What are five million Monster Hunting PSP fans rewarded with for their next-gen efforts by Capcom? To be fair they probably all own 3DS machines now, but those who stuck with Sony will finally get their hands on some Monster Hunting via a conversion of the PC/console free-to-play Frontier edition, although the boxed copy will cost around $50.

The new trailer has been viewed almost 10,000 times in a couple of days, which is pretty light compared to interest in some games. However, since its out in August there's plenty of time for Capcom or Sony to ramp up some faux hype. The official site has lots of info, and some neat theme tunes playing away.

The game features 10 New Monsters, along with 21 existing beasts, 3 new maps, 150 weapons (with 11 new moves) and armour pieces, more skills, elements and other extras.