Ultimate Warriors Orochi 3 brings its dynasty west in Autumn

Dynasty Warriors 3 Ultimate will head west thanks to Tecmo Koei and Omega Force later this year, bringing the latest in cross-over characters and side stories from the near-endless battle series. Basically it packs in all extra content tacked onto DW3 plus some new stories to keep things fresh, including alternate takes on previous stories.

With a slightly mad 145 playable characters including the lovely Sophitia from Soul Calibur and Rachel from Ninja Gaiden, there's near endless customization options (weapons, moves, costumes, etc) plus the usual huge battlefields packed with enemies to smite.

Multiplayer gets a boost with a new duel mode, a mix of team 3 vs. 3 combat and card battles. It comes with cross-play and cross save functionality, the Vita version will be $39.99. The game is playable this week at MCM Comic Con in London.