Sony's Share blog kicks back into action

The PlayStation community is pretty cunning when it comes to plans, but if often felt like they fell on deaf ears, until the likes of Shahid Ahmad and Gio Corsi took to Twitter and gave us gamers a point of contact. To more formalize the process, Sony US has relaunched its Share blog (not sure if there's an EU equivalent, yet), giving you the opportunity to suggest your ideas to the community.

The relaunch is focused around the PS4 and Vita, with topics like changing your PS id and family subscriptions for PS+ top of the list. You don't have to be in the US to get involved, so wade in, just remember things like port begging and obscure OS feature requests are unlikely to get high up the ladder.

My top three would be:

  • Quick share to Twitter of PS Vita screenshots.
  • Option to force online connection to 'always on' to avoid "connecting" messages.
  • Revamp the "near" app into something useful and fun, rather than mad and obscure. 

What would you suggest?