Sony puts forward its plans for success

A new release from Sony shows the company's way forward under CEO Kaz Hirai's "One Sony" campaign. Basically, sell off the loss-making PC and TV business, and get the mobile, gaming and the media divisions working  together and so on.

Specifically, for the PlayStation brand, it says;
 2. Key Initiatives to be Executed in Core Businesses in FY14  
Game and Network Services In the game and network services business, Sony aims to expand the installed base of PlayStation 4 and reinforce its network services in order to drive increased profit growth. As of April 6, 2014, PS4 had achieved cumulative sell-through of 7 million units, with Sony aiming to further consolidate its No.1 position in the home console market in FY14. Approximately half of PS4 users have registered for the PlayStation®Plus subscription service, and the number of active users registered to PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network already exceeds 52 million. 
In the U.S., Sony plans to start an open beta version of the PlayStation™Now game streaming service this summer and introduce a new, cloud-based television service within the calendar year 2014. Sales from the network business, including game, music and video services, for FY13 exceeded 200 billion yen and Sony is expecting continued sales growth in this business going forward.
Note, no mention of the Vita,  but good to see Sony pushing PlayStation Now as a priority.