Sky Go not going anywhere on Vita

A funny one to start the day. In Britain, Sky is a big satellite TV company, with an app called Sky Go that mobile users can watch programs out and about. Sky and Sony has announced that it is bringing Sky Go and NOW TV services to the PS4.

But the PS4 isn't portable, so Sky Go isn't "going" anywhere for Sony owners. Alright, I suppose there's a chance you can Remote Play the app, but since the entire press release fails to mention the Vita, I'm guessing not.

A sneaky part of me is wondering if Sony is holding all the video apps like Sky Go and those available in the States (Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc) for an EU release of the Vita TV. But that seems like a lot of effort for a device market that has now been swamped by Chromecast dongles and the like.

Sky ran a PSP TV app "Go!View" for a few years, so they have had the interest, but I wonder whether revenue from the app would outweigh the cost of development. PSP firmware 3.5 also allowed us to stream video from the PS3, so at some point I'd expect this to happen, but the lack of a media effort in Europe remains pretty poor from Sony and partners.