PSN update adds Soul Sacrifice Delta, Conception and more

The Vita gets a good dose of gaming goodness in Europe with the arrival two big new games and welcome return to an old (for some) favourite. Soul Sacrifice Delta packs in new content for players of the original and while a bit pricey for an update, is still a heck of a game.

Conception II has had very mixed reviews, but after the fun of Danganronpa and Demon Gaze, I'm certainly up for a little more Japanese crazed role playing.

Cel Damage HD (Cross-Buy PS4/PS3/PS Vita) Price: £7.69/€8.99/$12.95
Conception II: Children Of The Seven Stars Price: £31.99/€39.99/$58.95
Soul Sacrifice Delta (+incentives) – Limited time offer Price: £23.99/€29.99/$43.95

PlayStation Mobile
Cloud Disk (£0.65/€0.79/$1.45)
A Bad Opera-tunity (£0.40/€0.49/€0.90)
dong (£0.40/€0.49/€0.90)

Note the extra discounts on the new PSN sale.