Media Create sales come crashing down in Japan

This week's Media Create sales show the inevitable post holiday crash, with no one buying much of anything in hardware. The Vita and Vita TV manage to scrape together 13,800 sales, which is at least healthily above last year, and a lot healthier than most others, if you want to look on the positive side. It is now 100,000 sales ahead of last year's number.

I wonder if the Vita TV firmware update to support PS4 streaming will goose sales, or is Sony's little puck a dead duck? Talking of the PS4, that console's sales are now negligible, being threatened by the Wii U, showing how reduced TV console gaming is in Japan.

On the games side, JRPG Moero Chronicle hit the charts at No. 2, selling around 33,000 copies while Sword Art Online passes 200,000 sales. God of War Collection creeps into the chart with just 2,200 sales. With a load of Vita games getting good reviews in the new Famitsu, sales could pick up next week, but there's not much in the way of big name games.

Dengeki also put up the best selling games of last year (March 31 2013 to April 1 2014):

18 God Eater 2 NAMCO BANDAI 13/11/14 397,259
37 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Twin Pack Square Enix 13/12/26 239,534
41 Toukiden Tecmo Koei 13/06/27 230,688
77 J Stars Victory Versus NAMCO BANDAI 14/03/19 120,874
81 The Legend of Heroes Falcom 13/09/26 117,996
82 Danganronpa 1.2 Reload Spike CHUNSOFT 13/10/10 116,552
83 Dragons Crown ATLUS 13/07/25 115,500
88 Shin Gundam Musou NAMCO BANDAI Games 13/12/19 109,658
96 Hatsune Miku-Project DIVA-F 2nd SEGA 14/03/27 99,052